Award-Winning Face Painting:  I’ll start out by saying that our paint is skin-friendly, meaning it is formulated to be pleasant for the most delicate skin and are fragrance free. We make sure every kid gets what they want and we will go out of our way to make them happy. Additionally we bring a sheet of previous art works we have done so kids can get ideas. Approximately 2-5 minutes per child or 14 kids per hour. 

Balloon Art:            Approximately 2-4 minutes per child or 20 kids per hour and 10 children in half hour.  Balloon animals+kids=LOVE. Available for parties, grand openings, promotions, day cares, picnics and much more!

Balloon Class:                  Have your guest learn how to make balloon animals. We will bring everything necessary for them to get started. One hour show includes materials for 10 students if more present please let us know we can either add time or add more materials for a minimal price.

Interactive Magic Show:    The kids will have a blast throughout this 30 minute -1 hour show. Kids get to have fun while they try on funny outfits, appear and disappear items that belong to their parents. Lots of surprises and a yummy “Grand Finale."

Classic Animal Magic Show: Watch your kids stare in amazement as things begin to appear and then vanish once they wave the magic wand and stick out their tongue. Watch your childrens face of amazement as our furry friends appear out of thin air. The beautiful Ruby (bunny), the and the fluffy Dory (hamster). 


Great for all girl parties, they will have a blast. Some activities are “tiny” pillow fights, playing dress-up, makeover, and some competitive activities.

Makeover Parties:             

Also for all girls party, through this theme we aim to have fun and look beautiful, we apply light makeup and do their hair, they also get to help out and learn little tips in the process. 1 hour recommended for no more than 8 girls.  

Carnival Style themed Party: This is great for all those who are tired of the same routine in birthday parties. Here you get dart and bean bag tossing games. A huge obstacle course and of course who’s heard of winning without prizes. Every child who wins at any of the activities will receive a small, medium or large gift. All included in the price. Recommended for no less than 1 hr. and half. You may add face painting and balloon animals for the kids at a minimal charge. 

And remember we are only a text, email, or call away,

so any crazy party ideas you get

please feel free to give us a call

(754)444-YOYI (9694)




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