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Serving Miami and Broward

Yo-Yi the Clown for parties

Hire a clown

Great fun for the whole family, everyone will enjoy a wonderful time once your clown arrives, not only do we look amazing, but we bring all the laughs possible.

Regular 1hr. Show Includes:

·         Games

·         Face Painting

·         Balloon Sculptures

·         Photo time

·         Piñata time

·         And the ceremonial Happy Birthday song


·         Small magic show

·         Add another clown 

Hire a princess character: 

Hire any one of our princess look a likes to brighten up your event. The princess can do face painting, balloon sculptures, and games. Also they can just come to the party as a character for pictures. 

Add-ON:                                         *If you'd like they can read a short story to the children.

*The princess can do princess themed games.

Other character look a like: 

We have several other look a likes, for example minnie in red and pink,  tankerbelle, dora, and smurfette, Elasa from frozen, Merida from Brave and more. You can have any of these come out to your event and do face painting, balloon animals, and games. Sometimes even a magic show! 

character entertainer
mouse entertainer
pirate entertainer
On the RIGHT you can click on the images to ENLARGE, you can bring a Jake the pirate and/ or captain hook character to entertain your party. 

 Hire a pirate for your birthday party :

Have the best of laughs with a Pirate.This character is perfect for a boy or girl birthday party. Great Theme! Also available is Jake from the never land pirates look a like. 

Regular 1 hr. Show Includes:

  • Games 
  • Face Paint
  • balloon sculptures
  • Happy Birthday at the end of the party


Magic Show with animals, adds a half hour. 

  • Pirate Scavanger hunt (Prizes and staging is all done by the character, adds 1/2 hour to party) 
  • Photo session with the pirate and the kids get to play dress-up as pirates with swords, eye patches and hats.  (Chracter brings a pirate themed screen and all the articles, adds an extra half hour) 

Just Remember there's many more options to add to your party and if we don't have it available, you may put in a request.

 Looking to throw the perfect luau party? Well, we have the perfect entertainment for you! Watch our hula girl dance while she will take some time to teach one or multiple of your guests how to do some hip movements and hand motions.

Regular 1 hr. Show Includes:

  • luau themed games
  • balloon sculptures
  • happy birthday at the end of the party

hula girl entertainer for hire

This option is available to match your child's themed party. The entertainer will do the same activities that are typically done at birthday parties to include games, line dances, face painting, and balloon shapes. 

sailor for hire

 You can hire anyone one of the above character look alike we have a great variety.

NOW OFFERING for hire Sofia the first and Elsa Frozen look a likes

Unlisted at the moment are for hire are smurfette, Woody from Toy Story, Pink Minnie, Merida (Brave), Little Mermaid, Train Conductor, Sleeping Beauty (pink), Rapunzel (tangled), Lalaloopsy look a like, Strawberry Shortcake look a like entertainers, Iron Man 3 character, Spiderman character, Captain America, Pirate Jake look-a-like and the Hulk.

Also the above are available Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Tinkerbell, Minnie, Pirate, Hula Girl, Sailor Hannah Montana and Lola. 

WE ALSO OFFER CHARACTERS, please call for more information.

Not only do we offer great services but we have very competitive prices! try us out give us a call

754-444-9694 (YOYI)




We have no afiliation with Disney what-so-ever

Looking to throw the perfect Hannah birthday party, well our entertainers can make sure of that. We do all sort of events Hannah pajama party, makeover party, sleepover parties, you name it Hannah is there and if you request it Lola too for a very affordable rate you can get the best Hannah party ever.

Regular 1hr. party includes:

·         Face Paint

·         balloon sculptures

·         games

·         One song performed by our entertainer

·         Happy Birthday at the end of the party 

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